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Matthew Espinosa has lived a whole 19 years of his life thus far, and has just recently made the jump to starting a webcomic. He has been drawing comics since he was young, after reading Calvin and Hobbes, The Adventures of Tintin, and Asterix. His first jab at the art was at age 6, when he crafted a blatant rip-off of Calvin and Hobbes starring himself and his favorite stuffed animal at the time (Matt's current favorite stuffed animal is his demonic looking Cthulhu doll). He moved on to create a similar comic with Nintendo characters, mostly from Super Smash Brothers. Soon, though, he made a comic with original characters that was well-respected in his middle school community, and it was from that point that he understood that making your own characters make you feel nicer on the inside. Around High School, he began making comics constantly, especially during mathematics classes. And now, Matt's in his first year in College, and he has decided to create a webcomic.

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